The destinations are virtually limitless – culture of shopping in Salzburg, a bit of the Middle Ages at Hohenwerfen Castle, or would you rather visit the Haus der Natur (Museum of Natural Science & Technology) in Salzburg or the Werfenweng Ski Museum?

62 km
52 Minutes
Wide angle shot - Salzburg at dusk.


Salzburg is always worth a visit.
70 km
1 Hour
Facade of the Benedictine soap factory in Hallstadt.


This romantic place was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.
12 km
19 Minutes
Summer view of the ski jump in Bischofshofen.


The venue of the Vierschanzentournee.
11 km
15 Minutes
View of the Hohenwerfen Fortress.

Hohenwerfen Castle

Hohenwerfen Castle is the dream destination for families in the province of Salzburg.
4 km
16 Minutes
Elderly man with antique ski equipment stands in front of the Ski Museum Werfenweng.

Ski School

For all those who have always wanted to know where skiing comes from.
4,3 km
17 Minutes
Wide angle photo of the bathing lake in the Wengsee leisure park.

Wengsee Amusement Park

Speaks for itself...