Autumn walk at the Eulersberg

After a long summer, which has not really spoiled us with sun, it is now here, the autumn. With its often stormy and rainy hours, it has arrived in the Pongau. This year it does not come with cold, the days are rather mild and allow, even without a thick jacket, long walks.

The once in the warm summer sun shining, green leaf canopies begin to slowly change color, the needles of the larches turn yellow, and the mountain peaks wear the first white "caps". From the corn and grain fields, a few stubbles are still sticking out of the soggy earth that the rain doused last night. The forest smells of mushrooms, leaves and rotting wood. Only now and then in the morning you can hear the chirping of blue tits, blackbirds or the cry of a few jackdaws. It gets light later and dark early. Gusts of wind and fast-moving clouds announce imminent downpours. The thunderstorm is still hesitating, but in the distance it is already thundering. After a few minutes, it has reached us. Under loudly rushing rain, lightnings chase down from the high throne and let ghostly figures grow. It pours like from buckets and also a few hailstones bang on the house roofs. But after half an hour, the spook is over. The rain subsides and through some gaps in the clouds the blue sky can be seen again.

It's a good thing that the chalet shave a cozy stove where I can dry my wet clothes and with a glass of red wine in my hand, the world looks quite passable again in autumn. Autumn is a very generous season- it gives us fragrant fruits and wild storms, or paints - when the first frost - ice flowers on the window panes. And for walks autumn is really ideal, not too warm, but also not too cold and if you have the right equipment with you, even a rain shower is an experience and a few snowflakes can make you really cheerful.

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