Good things are so close...

"Do you want to go on and on?
Look - the good is so close!" already recognized Goethe....

In the Pongau, not least, the beautiful is so close. Especially in the mountains.
Steadily and inexorably, the water makes its way from the Eulersberg through the forest down into the valley, where it finally joins the Salzach.
Sometimes quietly rippling, sometimes roaring. Water is liquid gold and the elixir of life. The origin of everything. That's why we cherish our water and think highly of our crystal clear, pure mountain water. All you have to do is turn on the tap in your chalet. And it will start flowing for you. Take a sip. Can you taste it? Of course, our mountain water not only refreshes you on the inside, but also in the shower. If you want to know where exactly our water comes from, you should come with us on one of our forest walks. On these walks we will not only show you the wonderful water around our chalet village, but we will also let you in on the secrets of the forest. And what could be better than spending a few quiet moments in nature and enjoying the moment?

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