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Hike to the Werfener Hütte

It's 6:00 in the morning. The alarm clock rings, I'm lying in my bed in the Chalet Waldkauz and actually it would be good to cuddle in bed for a while. If it weren't for the bright blue sky and the view through the open window of the Wiesbachhorn with its bright firthorn, which lets the longing for fresh morning air, exercise and adventure germinate in one. Add to this the excited chirping of birds, which literally calls out to you - let's go - wash, get dressed, have breakfast, pack your rucksack with snacks and take off.

And then you're ready to go. Where are we going?

Right, right behind the house, there it is, the Werfener Hochthron with today's destination, the Werfener Hütte. A dream summer hike in the Tennengebirge. And only a few meters drive from Eulersberg to the parking lot in the Wengerau.

All alone we hike past damp alpine meadows, the cows enjoy the fresh grass and a horse(l) can be found in between. It goes into the valley head, up to the Ellmau-Alm. Then it gets a little steeper. The trees become fewer, the vegetation sparser, but the view more and more brilliant. The panorama is indescribable - in the east the Dachstein, in the south the Wiesbachhorn and the Großglockner and finally in the west the Hochkönig.

Light green spruces are replaced by dark green mountain pines. The air is filled with the scent of pine and resin. A few Alpine newts meander through the morning dew looking for shade. The sun rises higher and so do we. Bend by bend we go on, alpine roses on the edge shine pink and a few jackdaws hover above us, probably hoping to get something of our snack...and isn't there a chamois standing behind us?

Again and again our gaze wanders upwards, yes, when will it come, the hut. A last steep part and then we stand in front of it at almost 2000m.

As first guests on this day the hut hostess Daniela welcomes us and we enjoy our coffee, the silence and the view. But we are not alone for long. The next hikers come and we make our way back.

After all, a sensational sun terrace with a cool wheat beer is waiting for us in front of "our" chalet on the Eulersberg. And we have truly earned the legendary Kaiserschmarrn from Joe.

Simply indescribable - the summer at the Eulersberg!

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