Indian Summer in Pongau

At first you don't know exactly what has changed when you get out of bed in the morning. And then you look out of the window and notice that there is a silver glimmer over the meadow. It wasn't there yesterday...
Then you look up into the sky and see a few veil clouds and on the slope behind the house are the larches and they have suddenly changed their color. The summer green needles have taken on a golden complexion. In Canada the maple trees also change color, you think, and there they call it Indian Summer. But is there something like that here in the Pongau? In the valley, the fog hangs heavily over the Salzach and only hesitantly disappears under the first rays of sunlight. At the back of the mountain you hear a rumbling and then with binoculars you see two chamois bucks fighting over the favor of a few goats. The hawthorn hedge suddenly bears thick red berries, the sloes decorate themselves with delicious blue fruits and at the corner next to the hut a few marmots sit in the morning dew and eat the last juicy grass to be prepared for hibernation. And so quiet it is - so strangely quiet. There was a ringing in the summer and a drive and the cows and sheep were on the pasture, but it is empty and now at the latest you know - something has changed.
Exactly - autumn is here. And if ́s wasn't so kitschy, you would say, that's how it must be - the Indian Summer in the Pongau. But it is beautiful in any case.
With its play of colors, with the low sun and with the first "snow sugar" on the mountain peaks. Pure pleasure in the Pongau, where ́s so beautiful. But take a look at it for yourself with us on the Eulersberg!

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