Listen to it...

If you listen carefully, you can hear "him"... What exactly - many think now?

But in the morning, when we stand at the window after a cozy night in the soft beds in DasEulersberg and listen carefully, we hear "him". Represented by the inhabitants of the forest. There they whistle and trill - the blackbirds, blue tits and chaffinches. The mice and weasels and martens that leave the burrow, the deer and chamois that seek the fresh grass. Excitedly, they are all looking forward to the first warm rays of sunshine that "he" sends us. So who now? The SPRING of course! And just as the birds and animals in the forest are happy, so are we, of course.
When we can shake out the beds in the fresh air, when we can have breakfast on the terrace for the first time again, and when we can exchange the thick winter sweater for an airy T-shirt. And then we enjoy it again - the fresh mountain air that surrounds DasEulersberg. So come and visit us - in our paradise in the Pongau!

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