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Mountainstory Winter 2020

Dear Winter,
You warm my heart - you make my eyes shine and my pulse rise to sunny heights.
See you soon!
Winter is coming to the Salzburger Land


And since the Pongau and DasEulersberg are located in the exhilaratingly beautiful Salzburger Land, we unreservedly endorse this wish.

The coldest season of the four seasons known to us does not necessarily have to be the one that we are least enthusiastic about. To be honest - we here at the Eulersberg already have a very special soft spot for the winter.
Sure - a lot of things become a little more difficult, early in the morning you have to shovel snow and for every step outside you need a jacket. But all in all, winter with us is a dream. The landscape rests in itself, the contours flow and the sun transforms the area into a sea of glitter.

The snow-covered Salzach Valley lies before us. An eagle circles over snow-covered peaks and hares leave their tracks in the fresh snow. Winter here in the SalzburgerLand is truly magical and there is hardly anyone who can escape it. But beauty alone is not what makes this season so extraordinary. It is simply the many things that you can do and experience here in the great outdoors.

If you are up early in the morning, you can see chamois and deer in their arduous search for food, but you also have the sled run for yourself. And after a smooth day of skiing you can snuggle up in warm blankets in the chalet or go to the sauna. Just the view from the terrace with a cup of mulled wine in your hand is indescribable. And maybe a fondue with a good "red" and the view of the starry sky with the silhouette of the Hochkönig make the almost "kitschy" dream of a vacation with us perfect.

DasEulersberg is looking forward to you!

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