The winter - so is "he" just ...

It is nothing new ... the winter is characterized by low temperatures and if it rains in the summer it snows in the winter.
As a pedestrian you walk like on raw eggs, you have to shovel snow if you want to make a way and the windows of your car are iced up. You need a hat, gloves, a scarf, sturdy shoes and of course thick clothes when you go out.
All of this may be a bit of a hassle, but all the nicer are all the amenities that the so-called cold season brings with it.
The smell of mulled wine and punch with that charming mixture of cloves, oranges and cardamom, the cookies that smell of cinnamon, the Spitzbuben with raspberry jelly and the Christstollen with raisins, citronate and orangate.
The flickering candles and their honey scent, a crackling fireplace, cozy blankets, warm woolen socks and especially a crispy Christmas goose.
And the best thing is to be able to enjoy all this at the Eulersberg.

DasEulersberg wishes you a snowy winter!

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