Carol singers

The first carol singers went from door to door in the 16th century. Accompanied by their teacher, the schoolchildren knocked on the doors of houses to sing the story of Jesus Christ to the people living inside. Afterwards, they blessed the house with a cross painted on the door. In thanks, the children received small rewards in the form of nuts and apples.

Even today, around 500,000 girls and boys go from door to door as part of the annual carol singing campaign. They dress up as the Three Kings and collect donations for children in need around the world under the motto "Children helping children". The money collected is donated to a different organization each year. Even the custom of the house blessing has remained.

To do this, the carol singers write the respective year on the door, in the middle of which they insert the letters C, M, and B. These three letters stand for the Latin alphabet. These three letters stand on the one hand for the Latin "Christus mansionem benedicat", which in translation means "Christ bless this house". On the other hand, it is obvious to associate these letters with the initial letters of the three royal names Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. Be that as it may, the special combination of letters and numbers is said to have a certain protective effect and to keep evil away from the corresponding houses. Also with us at the DasEulersberg the carol singers stop in every year and delight us with poems, singing and incense

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