Christmas tree

Outside, the first flakes are falling, the smell of punch and baked apples is in the air, at home the cookie jars are slowly filling up and at the Advent festival the second candle is already burning! Clearly - Christmas is not far away! So it's high time to take care of a Christmas tree. And of course it comes from the area around Salzburg.

Equipped with sturdy shoes, they make their way to the Christmas tree forest.

Determined to choose the most beautiful tree, they stomp through the winter forest. It comes pretty close to the saying "For the forest, you can't see the trees", because it's not so easy to decide with such a large selection. The tree shouldn't be too big, but also not too small, in any case grown straight, with a nice tip.

Done, after a long time back and forth, the choice is made - now nothing stands in the way of Christmas Eve.

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