Dumpling variations

Round like the globe, the dumpling is a small world of its own. Whether filled with bacon or grams, or made of potato or noodle dough. Whether as a side dish or as the main ingredient of a dish, dumplings are always a hit and are accordingly popular with young and old. Dumplings are also popular as a soup garnish, for example in the form of liver dumplings. Through his apprenticeship in the beautiful Tyrol, Chef Joe was able to "acquire" many dumpling variations. And he is not afraid to introduce them to our guests for tasting. Many a fish, black pudding, chilli or salmon dumpling has been tried out here at DasEulersberg. Our classics such as spinach, greaves, smoked meat, hash and bread dumplings will be found again and again on our menu. Made from local products, such as eggs from the neighbouring farm or meat from the local butchery Obauer - you can simply taste where the products come from. So nothing stands in the way of enjoyment at DasEulersberg with our dumpling variation with sauerkraut or fresh, crisp salad.

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