Old Craftmanship in Farmers' Autum

Bag-makers, shingle makers, woodturners - all professions that are rare today, but which are still practiced to perfection in the SalzburgerLand.

Farmer's Autumn is a time for enjoyment. It's a time for harvest festivals, the driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures, nature experiences and the chance to get to know tradition and customs. In the Farmer's Autumn special attention is paid to old craftsmanship, some of which have almost been forgotten. Over 70 Farmer's Autumn locations throughout the SalzburgerLand invite you to immerse yourself in times gone by and rediscover unique crafts such as shingles, quill stitching or shingling.

Handmade products are a precious commodity. In an age when everything can be produced by machine, genuine craftsmanship inspires the greatest admiration. "That someone else can do this", is what one is happy to see when watching how the quill stitchers guide a peacock feather through the leather or how the lace maker weaves her threads into the finest lace. Or when the farrier shoes the massive Noriker with feeling, when handsome shells are turned from Swiss stone pine, when practical baskets are made from willow and house patches are felted from sheep's wool.

Old craft techniques require dexterity, skill, ability, practice and a lot of patience. They have survived the centuries and are passed on from generation to generation: Young people, too, preserve the heritage of their ancestors and thus keep an important, identity-creating cultural asset alive. Fortunately for all of us: Because something handmade is highly valued and cherished.

The Salzburg Farmer's Autumn is the ideal opportunity to get to know old handicraft techniques. Here the spinning wheel can be swung and the bread dough itself can be kneaded. Or you can simply get into conversation with the experts and learn exciting background information and details, for example about brewing beer, instrument making, carving or distilling schnapps. Whether watching or participating: Everything is possible!

You can experience masters of the old craft at numerous festivals at the Farmer's Autumn stands, at special workshops or with the master craftsman directly in his business.

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