Petting Zoo

Our particularly animal-loving visitors find many friends here at DasEulersberg. In our petting zoo, animal encounters are an experience for young and old.

The funny pot-bellied pigs can be recognised from afar by their sluggishness, but also by their good-naturedness. Apart from their funny appearance with grunting and rolling mud, they also show social behaviour and are usually easy to pet and feed.

The fish in the pond at DasEulersberg cannot be stroked, but they are fascinating. It is not unusual for children to stand spellbound at the pond for minutes and stare at the fish gliding in the water.

Our chickens are not necessarily the stars of the petting zoo, but due to their varied presentation they are always ready for surprises. The clucking and partly wild hustle and bustle in the hen houses is a great entertainment for children and adults.

The dwarf sheep at DasEulersberg are among the smallest sheep breeds in Europe. Therefore they are the measure of all things concerning cuteness. They are so cute that even adults spend hours dreaming and admiring them.

Our two cats are not really petting zoo animals, but they are nevertheless important companions. Especially for reserved children or adults, our cats are a good introduction to increased contact with other animals.

A fluffy affair are our rabbits and guinea pigs. Especially beautiful is the variety of coat colours and lengths. Our rabbits and guinea pigs cannot be stroked, therefore you are in a fenced area. But they like to be observed.

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