Riedingtal in Mühlbach am Hochkönig

When hiking in the nearby Mühlbach am Hochkönig every step leads into nature. Clean mountain air, towering rocks, idyllic alpine pastures, fresh meadows and a fabulous view of the mountain world - that's balm for the soul. Past the sights such as the waterfall and the old ski jumps of the ski jumpers, the path leads to the popular Riedingalm. Rupert and Anni take care of their guests with homemade cake and hearty Brettljaus`n. Depending on the starting point, the hike is easy to reach even for less experienced hikers. Due to its location on the southern slope of the Hochkönig and the view of the surrounding valleys and mountains, the Riedingtälein is an outstandingly beautiful place, whose visit is usually not a one-off. The day ends with a little shopping tour through Bischofshofen, which is directly on the way to DasEulersberg. And in the evening? Joe, the chef, awaits you with delicious homemade specialities that will delight your palate.

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