The harvest festival

The importance of the harvest festival goes back to the end of the harvest season. The thanks to the good Lord for a hopefully productive season is the origin of the harvest festival story. But there is even more behind it

Zucchini and apples, cereals and pumpkins, sunflowers and grapes - once a year the rich gifts of nature find their way into Christian churches. The altar is then decorated with splendid, colorful arrangements, and people bring fruit and vegetables in processions to the churches.

This date was set by the German Bishops' Conference in 1972. However, this does not mean that the individual congregations are obliged to celebrate Thanksgiving on that day or at all - it is voluntary. On Thanksgiving Day, Christians want to thank God for creation and show that they are aware of their dependence on nature. Strictly speaking, the Christian custom goes back to the first figures of the Bible: As the Book of Genesis tells us, the farmer Cain offered some of the fruits of his fields and the shepherd Abel, a firstling of his flock, for sacrifice.

In our parish yards the harvest festival is celebrated this year on 27.09.2020. Our guests are welcome to take part and gain insight into this faithful old custom. Afterwards we celebrate on the village square in Pfarrwerfen and in the evening you can relax in our chalets and apartments on DasEulersberg.

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