Valentine's Day...

...the one day that is dedicated to loved ones. Which we have to owe to the holy bishop Valentin of Terni. According to legend, he performed Christian weddings in the 3rd century AD, although this was forbidden by the currently reigning emperor. In doing so, he is said to have presented them with flowers from his garden as a sign of the marriage. As a punishment for practicing his Christian faith, the bishop was executed on February 14, 269. That is why today he is considered the patron saint of lovers.

This is the day you want to spend with your beloved. The person for whom you have great feelings. But how to surprise your partner? What is the best gesture to make? It's simple, it must come from the heart. Like, for example, a meal for two or even a joint spa day. In which you can be pampered properly!

Or even a little time out for two, here with us at DasEulersberg. Whether a meal with your loved ones in the restaurant or in your own chalet / apartment in private, as you wish. A walk hand in hand in the woods where the fresh mountain air flows through your body and you can enjoy the silence of nature. The wide view over the mountains. A nice sauna session where the muscles can relax, then retreat to the quiet zone and exchange amorous glances and caresses. The glass of wine to toast the love that exists between two people will be all the better if you enjoy it as a couple.

Alone in a chalet/apartment where you can devote yourself entirely to your partner - everything is possible, so let your imagination run wild, because here with us in the Alps at DasEulerberg a lot is possible.

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