Walk in the autumn forest

You are standing on a large field - the meadows are mowed and you can still see the remaining stubble of the wheat, it is pleasantly warm and the sun shines high above you - a pleasantly humid wind is blowing towards you, there is a light refreshing breeze, you can perceive a spicy smell. Colourful leaves and pleasant temperatures, there is hardly a season more beautiful for hiking than autumn. If you like you can walk a few steps further now - Your path leads you further into a light-flooded forest - Birch trees stand by the wayside, but also old beech trees - They have a huge trunk - They are very old trees that have been standing here for hundreds of years - Pines and firs can also be seen occasionally - It is a healthy forest full of life and variety - The mossy smell accompanies you further on your way. It is spicy and woody at the same time Now set out on your way home - Feel the warmth of the sun filling you up - Feel this feeling of joy - Feel the pleasant heaviness of your limbs - The relaxation and cozy warmth - Relax in the evening in the in-house sauna on DasEulersberg, let the day pass in review and fall asleep with a smile on your lips.

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