This is Josef

As the head of the house, Josef is the all-rounder at the Eulersberg. He takes care of all our concerns, be it cooking the finest dinner for our guests or keeping the entire facility in good shape. With Sabrina at his side, our animals and their habitat are cherished and cared for. Would you also like to enjoy being cooked for by him? Visit us, Josef will deliver your dinner to your chalet or flat if you order in advance.

A good guest is never a burden!

This is Martina

Martina manages the chalets and flats, she is the good soul in the house, so to speak. With Hermann, her little daughter Antonia and her faithful four-legged friend Toni by her side, she manages everything at the Eulersberg. Of course, this is only possible with your strong Eulersberg team at her back. Please come by and get to know us better. We look forward to meeting you!

When guests become friends, we have done everything right!


Would you like a short description of our team? Motivated, professional and just really likeable, that’s our Eulersberg team. While Sabrina makes sure that the animals at the Eulersberg want for nothing, Steffi and Nicole at the reception always have an open ear for you and are happy to help. And who makes the chalets and flats so cosy? That’s our dear Hülya and Romana. In no time at all, they make you feel at home with us. And together? Together they are simply an unbeatable team.

The Eulersberg is a great place for us to work. Who wouldn’t want to work in such an idyll?

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Where to find us

Grub 18 | 5452 Pfarrwerfen, Austria



+43 664 22 25 151

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