Wellness in the mountains offers a special form of relaxation. Especially after a day full of exercise, it is good to let the soul dangle. The best way to relax is in the fresh air and in the midst of charming nature.
In our wellness zone, naturalness as well as time and space for regeneration and relaxation await you.

Pamper your body, mind and soul and embark on one of our well-being journeys. Experience special moments of pure relaxation, care and well-being.

Opening hours

The community sauna can be booked on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday in the period between 16.00 and 20.00 via our app.

Private sauna in all chalets!

Pure relaxation

Sauna rules


Please do not wear underwear or swimming costumes. Go to the sauna undressed. This enhances the sauna experience.


Take a shower beforehand to rid yourself of sweat. Dry yourself afterwards, because dry skin sweats better!

Sauna towel

Always place a towel on the wood before lying down. You can relax sitting or lying down. However, sit up straight again 2 minutes before the end of the sauna session to get your circulation going again.

Shower gel

When showering after the sauna, the following applies: Use neither shower gel nor soap, but rinse off exclusively with bare water. The sweat that escapes strengthens the skin's valuable protective acid mantle.

Interesting to know

Did you already know

Sweating and the associated loss of fluid accelerate the metabolic processes in the body. It is said that so-called waste products are flushed out. So far, there is no conclusive scientific proof of this. In any case, it is certain that sweating and subsequent showering lead to thorough and gentle cleansing. The upper horny layer of the skin swells. Dead skin cells loosen and can be easily rinsed off.

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