Spring - on the Eulersberg

Beautiful spring. Come again,
Dear spring, come soon,
Bring us flowers, leaves and songs
Decorate again the field and the forest.

I want to fly to the mountains
I want to see a green valley
Want to lie in grass and flowers
And I'm glad to see the sunshine.

One could almost say that my Hofmann von Fallersleben - from whom these lines originate - visited us at Eulersberg.
But it is already exactly as he writes.
The snow melts and the fresh light green grass sprouts in the little pools.
The mountain streams rush and carry away the last snow.
The birds return from the south and the chirping wakes us up together with the first sunrays in the morning.
The animals jump joyfully across the meadows and during the walk we smell fresh wild garlic and see the first flower buds.
The sun rises higher and higher and we put on short-sleeved shirts again and the winter boots disappear in the cellar.
Also the kitchen is reviving - young vegetables enrich the menu and fresh herbs smell over the dishes.
So it is clear - spring is here!

A really nice experience here with us at the Eulersberg!

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