The winter - so is "he" just ...

View of the Tennengebirge.

The winter - advantages & disadvantages
It is nothing new ... the winter is characterized by low temperatures and if it rains in summer it snows in winter.
That life does not become easier with it is already clear.
As a pedestrian you slip easily on the slippery "stuff" and then walk like on raw eggs, you have to shovel snow when you want to make your way out of the house, the windows on the car are icy and you have to scratch so that you can start. Once you're finally on the road, the roads are slick, the snow plow in front of you is holding you up, and the other drivers usually aren't that adept at dealing with ice and snow on the road either.
Not to mention that you need a hat, gloves, a scarf, sturdy shoes and of course thick clothes to avoid freezing to death in the cold temperatures outside. So all in all, cumbersome, inconvenient and not everyone's cup of tea.
So far so good, if you don't like it, you just have to say goodbye to the Caribbean.
But if I imagine that I would have to do without all the comforts that the so-called cold season brings with it...everyone can imagine that for themselves. No smell of mulled wine and punch with that charming mixture of cloves, oranges and cardamom, no cookies smelling of cinnamon, no Spitzbuben with raspberry jelly and no Christstollen with raisins, citronate and orangate.
No flickering candles and their honey scent, no open fire, no cozy blankets, no warm woolen socks, and no Christmas goose.
And if I can enjoy all that at the Eulersberg, the Caribbean can stay away from me. DasEulersberg wishes you a snowy winter!

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