Marmalades Special

Many of our guests already know it, the others are still enjoying our homemade jams. Every day our guests have the possibility to order different jams in their breakfast basket. From strawberry, apricot, plums, apple-zucchini, blackberry to pumpkin-ginger marmalade, we produce everything ourselves.

Today we are happy to reveal our recipe for the pumpkin-ginger jam, suitable for the season:


3 kg pumpkin flesh

500 g sugar, brown or cane sugar

2 kg sugar

125 g ginger, finely chopped

1 lemon, the peel cut into slices

1 orange, the peel cut into slices

1 stick of cinnamon

Sprinkle the pumpkin cubes with the raw cane sugar and leave to stand for 1 day.

The following day, pour the liquid that has escaped into a large casserole dish and add 350 g of sugar to each 600 ml of juice. Add ginger, lemon and orange peel and the cinnamon stick. Cook for 10 minutes at high heat, add the pumpkin cubes and cook at medium heat for 3 hours. Take out the ginger and the cinnamon stick and fill the jam into glasses.

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