New Year's Eve

Another year over already! While many a working day may seem like an entire working week, or while you can literally watch the second hand jumping leisurely while waiting for an appointment, you suddenly have the feeling that the calendar year has flown by. And year after year, the time between 1 January and 31 December seems shorter. No matter how good or bad the year 2020 was - it will soon be over and that should be celebrated. The loved ones are wrapped up and off we go to a cosy New Year's party at DasEulersberg. With a delicious dinner in the privacy of a chalet or apartment or in our own lounge at the DasEulersberg, you can get in the mood for the new year. At midnight with a glass of sparkling wine the old year 2020 is bid farewell and we look forward to the new year 2021. At the DasEulersberg this year we will deliberately do without fireworks, but we will enjoy the silence and the view of the mountains even more.

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